sunny girl

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Review of a play.

The island of our love and hope.

I was lucky enough to catch a performance of J. Solovsky “The island of our love and hope” at the Theatre of Film Actor in Minsk. This performance provides a valuable insight into the life of some ordinary people. The play stars Petr Jurchenkov, Olga Sezova, Alexandr Kashperov, Nina Rozantzeva, Larisa Marshalova, Lidia Mordacheva, Stas Vilkin and Igor Stepanov.

The play is set in the home of one ordinary family. The action based either in the room or around the dining table. As the plot evolves we learn more and more about the people in this family and about very diverse characters.

The characters are convincing and entirely believable and Petr Jurchenkov is particularly powerful, due in part to the extremely realistic production. The scenes of lealousy, love, friendship, deception, treachery, lie, suffering are so natural that you feel as you are actually present there and take part in it.

The play is thought-provoking. It makes us ponder about our life, our attitude to love, friendship, family etc.

The performance grabs your attention all ninety minutes that it lasts.

I would throughly recommend this play to anyone, regardless of their age. The play lasts only ninety minutes but for this time you will look at your life in another way. Besides it costs only 5 000 rubles. This money is nothing compared with your impressions. The performance is absolutely marvellous, beleive me! This is a play that you should not miss!!!